Dinesh Katyal

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"Cogito Ergo Sum"
Rene' Descartes

...has been replaced by 'Tesco ergo sum' - I shop therefore I am, reflecting the materialistic ethos of our times. Although some consider that a sign of a degenerate society, I see it as a testament to human ingenuity. The number of products that exist for every conceivable need or want is unprecedented. The democratization of technology and easy availability of powerful tools promises to further speed up new product creation.

I love talking product, and focus on financial technology "fintech", and machine learning. I've launched several successful products in payments, accounting, risk management, and financial services. I've enjoyed doing this at early stage companies such as Xero as well as within large companies such as eBay, and Intuit. Feel free to look around the site, and reach out if you wish to connect.

  • Over 15 years in big and large software companies.

  • Hiring, and retaining high performing teams.

  • Love of all things tech, and of getting hands dirty with coding. Casual Python programmer, tinkerer wtih AWS.

  • Launched several successful products in payments, data aggregation, and interested in lending and risk analysi.