Supply Chain Finance (developing)

When buyers and suppliers are connected to each other via EDI networks, also known as supplier networks, they form natural channels for facilitating payments, and financing.

Payment systems sadly continue to be decoupled from actual commerce. The flow of goods and services is represented by documents such as invoices that are then paid via payment transactions. All entities are linked with identifiers to enable matching and tracking. The system is great but it is getting long in the tooth. It was designed when paper currency ruled the roost, and the bank was a place that you went to.

In this day and age, payments should be invisible. When goods are exchanged an easy identity method should gate the payment, which otherwise should flow seamlessly across the transacting parties.

A great example from the days gone by is the local retailer who recognized you by face, and just made a note of all purchases on your account as you left the store.

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