Marketplaces payments and PayPal

Marketplaces present unique challenges for payments. These platforms create experiences that promote discovery, search, selection, payments, fulfillment, and dispute resolution. Multiple sellers or providers interact with multiple buyers engaging in pre-sales, sales, and post-sales activities. These result in many to many relationships, which the marketplaces try to standardize so that the buyers form a preferential Read more about Marketplaces payments and PayPal[…]

Invisible Payments and Conversational Commerce

I was reading the Finextra’s report on UK SMEs losing £1.6B by not accepting invisible payments or supporting conversational transactions. So, I had to dig in and find out what these are, and this is what I found Invisible payments – One of the first instances where the term emerges. It refers to a situation Read more about Invisible Payments and Conversational Commerce[…]

Choosing a Merchant Service Provider – Part One

In the market for a merchant service? If so, you may find the following useful. What should be a relatively straightforward process of selection based on fees and features instead is a nightmarish walk through a minefield of hidden fees, deceptive sales practices, and poor customer service. Hopefully, this article will help mitigate some of Read more about Choosing a Merchant Service Provider – Part One[…]